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State PAC Participation Leader Board

Congratulations to the following states for leading in PAC participation for 2017! The interactive map below features each state’s PAC support for 2017.
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Thank you and congratulations to our top 3 states with the highest PAC participation so far this year:
Delaware – 53%
Delaware won the Stuart L. Weinstein award for having the highest percentage of PAC contributors in 2016. They are off to a great start again this year and are well on their way to winning again in 2017!

District of Columbia – 28%
Washington, DC has seen a large improvement in 2017. This is because every member of the professional staff at AAOS’ Office of Government Relations (OGR) has contributed to the PAC. We at OGR are committed to the work the PAC does and understand the importance of having a successful PAC in order for us to advocate on orthopaedic issues.

South Dakota – 25%
South Dakota won the Stuart L. Weinstein award for most improved PAC participation in 2016. We are excited that they have kept up the great work in 2017. Watch out Delaware – South Dakota may be trying to take your spot as the state with the highest percentage of PAC participants in 2017!

If you are interested in serving as a PAC Representative to help champion PAC participation in your state, please contact us at pac@aaos.org or 202.546.4430.