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Going to the 2018 Annual Meeting? Attend an ICL on Risk Evaluation and Management Strategies for Prescribing Opioids!

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Going to the 2018 Annual Meeting? Attend an ICL on Risk Evaluation and Management Strategies for Prescribing Opioids!

On January 8, 2018, the CDC issued a report showing the number one cause of death in adults in the USA is now drug overdose, having passed all other causes including car crashes, cancer and cardiac disease. Attorneys General in both Ohio and Mississippi have filed lawsuits against the top 5 pharmaceutical companies alleging companies’ collusion and negligence that has led to opioid overdose deaths in those states at an ever-accelerating pace. Nationwide, 68 percent of people using pain relievers for non-medical reasons obtained them from a friend or relative. For teenagers, prescription drugs are easier to obtain than beer. Each day, 46 people die from an overdose of prescription painkillers in the US. Each year, health care providers write 259 million prescriptions for painkillers, enough for every American to have a bottle of pills. Meanwhile, the Office of the Surgeon General recently sent a letter on the opioid epidemic to 2.3 million physicians and other healthcare professionals, mandating a call for action on safe prescribing education and access to treatment for opioid use disorders, emphasizing “compassionate care without stigma.”

How did we get to this point? What can we do about it? What are the nuances and core issues on this topic? This Instructional Course Lecture will examine these and other questions and present information essential for all practicing orthopaedists. The course will be moderated by Robert Slater, Jr., MD, Chair of the AAOS Medical Liability Committee. Presenters will be four experts from institutions spread across the nation: Laurel Beverly, MD; Ranjan Gupta, MD; Michael Marks, MD; David Nelson, MD. They will explain and debate various viewpoints on this topic which are of crucial importance for the understanding of where we are and where we may be heading, including pain perception and management at the neurophysiology level, legal ramifications, ethical implications and “real-world” practical medical management concerns. Plan NOW to attend and learn more!

ICL #348: The Opioid Epidemic:
Risk Evaluation and Management Strategies for Prescribing Opioids.
Thursday, March 8th, 2018; 1:30-3:30 pm.